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"This 10-week course is potent and challenging and inspiring. Jamie is an encouraging and relatable coach who has helped me profoundly shift my day-to-day. Before taking Radiant body for the first time (yep, I've done it twice now), I had no idea what to expect. I was excited by the prospect of harnessing new habits for a more vibrant life, but I didn't realize that I was opening the door to daily practices that would become anchor points in my days. I've been working with the habits for over a year now, and the changes I've grown into are significant: my relationship with food is easeful, I'm capable of the deep listening required to access knowledge about what I really need, my go-to stress-responses are 180 degrees from what they used to be, and perhaps most importantly, setbacks or backsliding no longer freak me out - I'm grateful for the tools Jamie compassionately offers and see them as a lifelong practice. The course format creates conscious community and support throughout the 10-weeks and beyond; the comfort of connecting with others on a similar path is essential to transformation. I will continue to turn to and expand on what I've learned with Jamie for a long time." - Kate W

"I wasn't sure if it was the best or worst time to start Radiant Body.  I was in the midst of an intense travel season for work, mothering a toddler, and my husband was starting a new, demanding job.  I was a bit dubious, but I was willing to give it a shot.  I desperately needed a way to focus on my health and self-care.  I wasn't so familiar with the content of the course, but as our birth doula and yoga instructor, I was familiar with Jamie's skills as a facilitator.  She's grounded, calm, has a great sense of humor, listens deeply, mirrors insightfully...and she's great at meeting you where you are and working from there, abolishing all my tendencies toward guilt.

I found camaraderie with the other participants, and I also heard my own story reflected back in many ways.  I learned tips and tricks, and received encouragement and affirmation, as well as accountability.  Working within a group was effective.

Some deep ruts were hit during this course, as I ran up against old patterns and habits that haven't served me well.  I got discouraged...and I made some major progress. There was room for it all in the space that Jamie's able to hold.  She worked to support me through the fullest spells of life and I was able to ride the waves with Jamie offering achievable goals and setting me up for success, which motivated me.

It's been two months since I finished the course and I can say that I actually have new, healthy habits that have been incorporated into my daily routine!  In addition, I have tools to create new ones for myself going forward.  It turned out it was a good time to begin YRB.  I was able to build habits that helped me during challenging times, and now that I there's some reprieve, I have a foundation to practices to deepen into. This is one of the best things I've done for myself (and, ultimately, my family) in a while."  - Emilia D.



When I started working with Jamie, I was suffering from intense migraines and panic attacks. I was desperate to learn how I could also manage my weight and anxiety. From the first moment, I knew that the "Radiant Body" program would be a key to healing. Through weekly conversations, Jamie offered transformative habits and  subtle changes that I could incorporate into my daily life. They have each made a significant difference. She allowed me to progress at my own pace yet holding me accountable each week. 

I have always enjoyed yoga and found it to be a grounding practice for me. As a singer, I appreciated the new information that Jamie provided regarding quality VS quantity of the practice. With her encouragement, I have been able to find that peace each day through yoga, even if just for a few minutes. 

Working with a yoga health coach was a new experience for me. I loved every minute of it! Jamie addressed so many areas of my life that could benefit from some tweaking. I am more cognizant of my eating habits and finding balance in that area. My anxiety level is much lower and my migraines have diminished considerably. I am looking forward to learning more from Jamie and continuing on this healthy path.

- Jessica Z.

I took Jamie's Radiant Body program about 6 months ago,  and it has made big changes in my body and in my life.   

I started practicing a few of her suggestions -  the meal times and amounts and types of food,   the early morning routine with tongue scraping,   hydrating and toilet suggestions,   the morning exercise (walking with a friend 3 days /week),   and the earlier to bed.     I didn't realize my body was changing until someone pointed out to me that I had lost weight.  I weighed myself and I had!  To date I have lost about 15 lbs without other extra methods.  My diet has changed radically in amounts I eat,  decreased snacking ( good breakfast and big meal midday have cut urge to snack way back),  and better quality of food.  I feel better, with more energy,  and am sleeping better. My borderline elevated blood pressure has normalized.

I highly recommend the Radiant Body course. There are still other tips I have not yet included,and do plan to put them in place at a later date.  the excellent information and support I received put me in a place where I could sustain changes I learned and led to a healthier body and clearer mind and  more positive spirit.  Give it a try! - Betsy G.

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