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65 Waterville St
Portland, Maine 04101



Women Wanted. courage required. 

Must be willing to show up and fail. Must be willing to try on news ways of being. You will be uncomfortable, rebel and backslide.

You might grow, heal and Radiate from the Inside Out.  

Do you want to join in on a journey to dissolve perfectionism, embody daily habits that promote clarity, ease and connection?

This journey isn't for everyone. You have to be committed  to your own growth, willing to experiment, backslide, break outdated habits, rewrite limiting beliefs, work in a dynamic group and live daily into your wellness potential.

You don't need to have it all figure out. I will guide you. I don't do it all perfectly. Together, in the Radiant Body Community, we’ll work step-by-step, using proven habit changing techniques  and 10 simple habits from yoga and Ayurveda to establish optimal daily routines to create radiant health and wellness. Learn, implement and embody a more ease-filled relationship to your life!