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65 Waterville St
Portland, Maine 04101


Pitta: A Summer Yoga + Ayurveda Workshop

July 23 1-3p 

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Ayurvedic Health Counselor and founder of Radiant Health, Jamie Worster will share Ayurvedic tips and recommendations for summer, the Pitta season, followed by calming yoga. SUMMER is a joyful and exuberant season as nature shines forth in full expression! Longer days means more time to play and frolic in the sun. With more sun comes the potential to over-do, over-schedule, over-heat, dry out, and deplete.

Learn how to stay serene through the summer months when the fire is high! Feeling hot and bothered? Excess fire element this time of year can cause hot flashes, exhaustion, irritability and inflammation. Please come join us as we luxuriate in cooling practices and discuss ways to combat imbalances of the summer season… Learn about natural ways to cool the body and mind peppermint, rose, coconut and cucumber and sample cooling tonics for summer!

Through Ayurveda, (an ancient system of natural healing) we can balance the heat with simple strategies that help keep us in rhythm with nature.

In this workshop you will:
• be introduced to the basics of Ayurveda
• explore dietary tips and pacifying foods for summer
• create a seasonal daily routine and self care practice
• explore what type of yoga and movement is most beneficial this time of year, through an all levels yoga practice

Join Jamie to learn basic principle of Ayurveda to live a balanced life, not just this summer, but for a lifetime. No experience necessary. 

Sunday, July 23rd


Investment: $30 / Members FREE

This offering will be held in our Freeport location



 The Yoga Beginner Series Freeport Yoga Company September 22, 2019

Whether you are new to yoga or want to fine tune your practice this beginner series is a great way to step into the fall/winter season. This 4 week series teaches the fundamentals of yoga and provides a safe and engaging learning environment. Students learn yogic breathing, yoga postures and relaxation techniques. The beginner series is taught in a sequential manner to help students build strength and flexibility. By the end of the series, you will be ready to confidently participate in beginner classes (or beyond!) You don't need to have a flexibility or quiet mind to begin - you just need to show up!


  • Release tension and stress in the body and mind

  • Build a strong knowledge base to prepare you for regular flow classes

  • Move at your pace

  • Safely explore your limits and learn any necessary modification

  • Build confidence and increase strength and flexibility

  • Learn in a safe and friendly atmosphere

  • Fine tune your current yoga practice

Cost $60

*Participants in full series receive 30% off any Manduka purchase

**If you can not make all the classes, you are still welcome to join us at the drop-in rate of $18.


Unlocking the Ego

Fall Intensive with Jamie Worster + Catherine Stewart, Freeport, ME October 26, 2019

Asana & Philosophy Intensive Overview:

Unlocking the Ego, and All-Levels Asana

with Jamie Worster and Catherine Stewart

Please join Jamie Worster and Catherine Stewart for a full day of yoga asana (poses) and philosophic discussion. Enjoy all levels asana sessions with Jamie designed to move the body and breath in between rich yogic philosophy discussion with Catherine.

Philosophy Focus = Unlocking the Ego
Is the ego truly an obstacle that needs to be overcome? Or could it also be an extraordinarily useful tool for the transformation of consciousness? The Non-Dual Kashmir Shaiva Tantric tradition brings forth the idea that all manifesting things are an expression of Consciousness itself. The concept of the human ego gets caught in misunderstanding between non-dualistic and dualistic traditions as the views on the functionality of the ego differ between the two. Join Catherine in unlocking a higher understanding and perspective of your ego as explained by these ancient traditions via the Non-Dual Shaiva teachings and it’s role in your spiritual path.

After the Intensive
Students interested in learning about Neelakantha Meditation have an opportunity to join Catherine on Sunday and Monday (October 27 +28) to learn about and receive a formal meditation practice. One of the primary teachings in the Non-dual Kashmir Shaiva tradition is the necessity for the synergy of both knowledge and experience. It is wonderful to experience intellectually what these wisdom traditions say about consciousness and you must also experience it in meditation and life to fully understand. Join Catherine for two days of personal instruction into Neelakantha Meditation where you can formally begin an effortless practice and experience the movement of your own awareness into the depths of consciousness. Learn more at or email Catherine at:

About :

Catherine Stewart has been studying the yogic tradition in varying forms since 2004 and engaged in the formal practice of Neelakantha Meditation and deep study of the Non-Dual Kashmir Shaiva Tantric tradition since 2009. Through her committed practice and dedication to deciphering these teachings Catherine’s understanding of this ancient body of knowledge allows her to speak of the non-dual philosophy from the direct immediacy of her own experience. Known for her humor, patience and unique perspective to be able to distill these teachings it is from this platform of immersion and experience that she supports others as they begin to open their awareness to the inherent possibility of wholeness inside themselves and find relevance in the ancient teachings of this tradition in their modern daily lives.


October 26th


8:30–9:45 a.m. - asana
10–12:30 - philosophy
12:30-2 p.m. - lunch
2:00–3:15 p.m. - asana
3:30–5:30 - philosophy


The Barn at Windpointe
Freeport, Maine


$108 for the full day

Payment via Venmo, Paypal or Check

Please prepay to

reserve your space.

Space is limited to 10 ppl. As of 8/8/19 8 spaces remain.

Email or with questions.

Did you know? I offer yoga and wellness private and small group sessions. As well as individual
and group Ayurvedic lifestyle coaching.
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