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65 Waterville St
Portland, Maine 04101


Pitta: A Summer Yoga + Ayurveda Workshop

July 23 1-3p 

Pre - Register


Ayurvedic Health Counselor and founder of Radiant Health, Jamie Worster will share Ayurvedic tips and recommendations for summer, the Pitta season, followed by calming yoga. SUMMER is a joyful and exuberant season as nature shines forth in full expression! Longer days means more time to play and frolic in the sun. With more sun comes the potential to over-do, over-schedule, over-heat, dry out, and deplete.

Learn how to stay serene through the summer months when the fire is high! Feeling hot and bothered? Excess fire element this time of year can cause hot flashes, exhaustion, irritability and inflammation. Please come join us as we luxuriate in cooling practices and discuss ways to combat imbalances of the summer season… Learn about natural ways to cool the body and mind peppermint, rose, coconut and cucumber and sample cooling tonics for summer!

Through Ayurveda, (an ancient system of natural healing) we can balance the heat with simple strategies that help keep us in rhythm with nature.

In this workshop you will:
• be introduced to the basics of Ayurveda
• explore dietary tips and pacifying foods for summer
• create a seasonal daily routine and self care practice
• explore what type of yoga and movement is most beneficial this time of year, through an all levels yoga practice

Join Jamie to learn basic principle of Ayurveda to live a balanced life, not just this summer, but for a lifetime. No experience necessary. 

Sunday, July 23rd


Investment: $30 / Members FREE

This offering will be held in our Freeport location



online Pilot Radiant Living with jamie, Genell & liz begins March 27th 2019

Radiant Living is a 10 week course that explores 10 specific habits that thread in Ayurvedic living, science, yoga, integrative health practices and habit evolution. This is journey that welcomes an upgrade to your health, habits, and relationships in real-time. What, when and how we apply specific practices in our lives is key to shifting how we feel. This is aligning with nature. When we align, we thrive. When we are out of alignment, we suffer. When we thrive, we feel confident, alive and connected. When we align our habits with our deepest desires for health, connectivity and overall vibrancy, it has a ripple effect.

The course can help you step into becoming more vibrant, alive, and awake in your senses, being and all relations.

  • Have you often wondered how to feel more energized and better rested in your day?

  • Ever wished you could expand time?

  • Have you felt unsure of what to eat, when, and how to allow your gut to feel more at ease and functioning optimally?

  • Are there things in your life you wish you were doing but have not set out to do them?

  • Do you ever feel out of sync with nature and what is happening in your environment?

  • Do you crave having a clearer mind and conscious?

  • Do you desire optimal health?

  • Do you long for a sense of belonging?

  • Do you want to be in sweeter relation with your body?your body like the temple and home that it is?

If you answered yes to any one of these, this course is for you! Small shifts in your daily living can make big shifts in your life.

This life affirming course will help you: 

  • Take better care of yourself and those you love

  • Take better care of yourself and those you love

  • Eat a healthier diet of delicious, nourishing foods

  • Sleep more, rest deeply and have more energy

  • Deal with stress, anxiety and overwhelm in a more grounded way

  • Feel lighter and more physically radiant

  • Expand your community of health conscious support accountability

  • Live in greater harmony with nature

  • Learn and refine skills and tools for a lifetime

Join Jamie, Genell, and Liz as they guide you towards greater ease for yourself and your family. You’ll need a desire for change and growth with a willingness to to start from where you are. Learn more and enroll

Qoya + Yin Yoga Gathering for Women To support Seachange Yoga

The barn at Windpointe , Freeport

Sat April 6th 1-5p

Sarah Whitridge + Jamie Worster are hosting a Qoya + Yin Yoga afternoon which will bring together the medicine of movement and the medicine of deep release. Together we will explore the idea of "POWER". We will integrate this theme into writing, movement, the power of connection with other women, the power of space to unfold, the power of time to evolve and the power of deep rest. We believe these two forms of movement are a great compliment to one another and will carry you through a fun and embodied experience on a Spring afternoon.

Additionally we will be donating 20% of the profits to SeaChange Yoga.

You are also invited to gather for an optional, informal POTLUCK at Jamie's house prior to the gathering!

We invite you to show up just as you are.

$120 / April 6th 1-5pm / The Barn at Windpointe, Freeport, ME. / For sign up please PAYPAL:
Or contact Jamie via email for address to send check:

** A gentle reminder that purchases and reservations are non-refundable unless YOU are able to find someone to fill your space. Please purchase wisely, double check your calendar! Consider your self-care, energy and bleeding cycle (if that is relevant) around the time of the workshop. Endless thanks for understanding this no-exception policy **

Online 3 week Spring Cleanse with Jamie Worster+ Genell Huston + Liz Strawbridge

April 23, 2019


Spring is a time of new growth, vibrancy, and returning light. The sprouts are prolific; the earth is wanting to feed us with fresh, crisp, and alive food to give us a boost of energy from the long, dark, and cold winter days.

Intentional movement, healthy habits, life-giving nutrition, and connection to community are some of the offerings in this 3 week course. Feel supported as we work as community to feel clear, light, awake, and more conscious in our physiology.

Join Genell Huston (Studio Owner, Yogi, Mama, and Health + Wellness Leader), Jamie Worster (Yogi, Mama, Health Coach, and founder of Radiant Body), and Liz Strawbridge (Yogi, Mama, MD w specialty in Integrative Medicine, and founder of the Good Medicine Collective) for a 3 week guided and supported cleanse of your being.

This course reminds you how to:

  • Connect with the cycles, seasons, and nature's wisdom

  • Align with your intuition about how to best nourish your body

  • Create clean spaces externally and internally

  • Improve digestion

  • Train the mind and body to be attracted to eating whole, seasonal foods

  • Reduce cravings for sugar, caffeine + processed foods

  • Improve metabolism

  • Balance hormones

  • Rest adrenals

  • Shed excess heat, weight, and stress

Connect to others interested in up-leveling their health

The course will meet once a week via live conference call. Bonus calls will be offered with guest speakers sharing their ideas, expertise, and learnings on health optimization. Access to online resources such as tutorial videos, guided recordings, handouts, recipes, and insights will all be part of the course offering. Join us for any or all of the live calls. All calls will be recorded and available to access at your own convenience, on your own time (up to three months after the course of the cleanse).

Investment: $180 for the course

  • Online resource hub - videos, audios, recommended readings, worksheets

  • Weekly live calls guided by Jamie, Genell, and Liz

  • Library of guest teachers

  • Recipes and tools to guide you on the weekly menu plan  

  • Group and individual support

  • Mentor hosted Q + A sessions

OR $260 for the course + unlimited month of yoga Lila East End Yoga



Two day Meditation Retreat with Catherine Stewart, Freeport, ME

Spring 2019

Email to learn more info + how to register.

Freeport, ME

Join Catherine Stewart for a two day initiation process of Neelakantha Meditation.

How Does Neelakantha Meditation Work?
Neelakantha Meditation is a simple, elegant and sophisticated yet easy to learn practice of meditation. It is a daily seated, closed-eyed meditation practice. This practice does not require that you have specific beliefs or previous experience.In fact, anyone can practice Neelakantha Meditation with great success!  It simply requires that you learn how to do it properly in a series of personal meetings with an Authorized Teacher.

Neelakantha Meditation works in harmony with the natural movement of the mind to move towards more: more activity, more happiness, more clarity, more fulfillment.  Because it works in harmony with the mind there is no need to manipulate our awareness in any way whether by harsh concentration or attempting to control the mind. This is an effortless practice that gives us access to a natural current that takes our awareness deep inside ourselves.

Once we have learned how to do the practice we traverse effortlessly inside ourselves into a place of depth and silence. From this deep space of silence, peace and clarity surges forward in our awareness and is present with us throughout our day.

What are the benefits to practicing Neelakantha Meditation?
Over the years that I have been practicing Neelakantha Meditation on a daily basis, I have experienced its profoundly positive effect on my life. It sets in motion a continuous process of refinement of the way that I see myself and of the way that I see my world.

Neelakantha Meditation very rapidly shifts our experience of our lives This practice has helped me to quickly release deep rooted fears and patterns. I am experiencing greater fulfillment in my life and have felt an abundance of the following benefits as a result of my practice:

  • clarity

  • creativity

  • patience

  • less stress

  • compassion towards myself and others

  • ability to more easily identify and disengage with limiting patterns

  • ability to easefully navigate challenging interpersonal situations

  • able to handle stressful situations with greater confidence

There is not one aspect of my life that has not been deeply impacted by my practice. Through the regularity of my own daily practice of Neelakantha Meditation, my life has shifted and transformed in ways that have brought greater clarity and peace in my life. As I studied to become a Teacher of this practice, I learned that the practice brings great order and coherence to life. That’s because when we practice Neelakantha Meditation we traverse the subtle states of awareness going very deep inside ourselves where our awareness moves beyond thoughts, feelings, emotions and perception at the surface of life and we experience that place of highest wisdom – our very own consciousness. This daily traverse transforms our lives so that we begin to experience life and function in life with a higher level of creativity, efficiency, intuition and clarity. Who doesn’t want that?!

How Do I Learn Neelakantha Meditation?
You can learn Neelakantha Meditation by way of formal personal meditation instruction.  We will meet for two separate sessions and here is why:

Day 1: This is when you will receive detailed instructions about how to do the practice. Plan for two hours for Day 1.

Day 2:  This is when you will be given the theory of the practice.  Plan for 3-4 hours for the Day 2 explanation. This explanation about awareness and consciousness:

  • What is awareness?

  • How does our awareness move inward?

  • Why does our awareness move?

  • What happens when our awareness moves?

  • How does this movement affect us at the surface of life?

When you complete this two-day course you will leave with the practice and knowledge to establish a self-sufficient practice for a lifetime. But there is also support along the way!!!

What is included in the course?
The knowledge and support offered to you is endless and vast. Your course includes formal personal meditation instruction over a period of two days, encouragement and support from me in the form of group meditations and invitations to future Day 2 explanations on the theory of the practice to refresh and renew your understanding of Neelakantha Meditation. I also offer other opportunities to dive deeper into the foundational principles that inform the practice of Neelakantha meditation.

You also receive support from Blue Throat Yoga as Paul is also committed to providing support to you on your journey into great knowledge and experience into the depths of your very own Self. (Hyper link to BTY Neelakantha Meditation Initiation page).  Blue Throat Yoga offers support in the following ways:

  • Live, interactive Meditation Practice Teleseminars for 18 months

  • Online library of pre-recorded teachings and study materials to support your practice and understanding

  • The process of stabilizing your practice and continuing to deeply learn the theory of the practice

  • Email support for your practice

  • Special Live Satsang Teleseminars for all Neelakantha Meditation practitioners

  • Instruction into powerful, supportive practices including the Release Practice and Japa & Chanting Mantras that help elevate and navigate daily life

  • Original scholarly translation and commentary on classical Tantric texts by renowned scholar Paul Muller-Ortega, including the Śiva Sūtras, the Pratyabhijñā-Hṛdayam of Kṣemarāja and more that directly enliven your meditation experience

  • Attendance at Day Two of any subsequent Initiation at no cost in order to refresh and strengthen your practice

  • Opportunity to up level your meditation experience with Advanced Initiation after 18 months of practice

  • Eligibility to attend life-changing Vibrating Silence Retreats after three months of practice

The Yoga Beginner Series Freeport Yoga Company

Four Sundays Fall 2019 






Whether you are new to yoga or want to fine tune your practice this beginner series is a great way to step into the fall/winter season. This 4 week series teaches the fundamentals of yoga and provides a safe and engaging learning environment. Students learn yogic breathing, yoga postures and relaxation techniques. The beginner series is taught in a sequential manner to help students build strength and flexibility. By the end of the series, you will be ready to confidently participate in beginner classes (or beyond!) You don't need to have a flexibility or quiet mind to begin - you just need to show up!


  • Release tension and stress in the body and mind

  • Build a strong knowledge base to prepare you for regular flow classes

  • Move at your pace

  • Safely explore your limits and learn any necessary modification

  • Build confidence and increase strength and flexibility

  • Learn in a safe and friendly atmosphere

  • Fine tune your current yoga practice

Cost $60


*Participants in full series receive 30% off any Manduka purchase

**If you can not make all the classes, you are still welcome to join us at the drop-in rate of $18.